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HarrysWorldSpiritual Bones For Mad Dogs

Heaven: The paradise I seek.
Hell: The paradise where I seem to be.
Human being: Heaven and Hell.
The Game: Hide-and-seek as a vocation.

Popularly known as Life. The purpose of the Game is to challenge the soul by setting up problems that monopolize our lives in the solving. As in the game of Monopolyâ„¢, we use life as the board, bank and properties, and ourselves as the gaming pieces, dice, and draw cards for punishment and good fortune.

The Game, a.k.a. the Lie, the System, the Frame, the Illusion, is the organizing principal of civilization providing an understandable matrix categorizing existence into systems of rules and regulations we internalize in our formative years. Once we accept our gaming piece and the bank’s money we relinquish our non-game independence in order to become players. From the first roll of the dice until we win or lose the Game we are challenged to work out the seemingly unsolvable paradoxes that make playing so compelling: How do I ever get free if I play by others’ rules? How can I be truly human and still play a game that seeks to impoverish myself and others? If I live a lie is anything in my life true? Can I protect my children from the terrible corrosiveness of this game yet still help prepare them as effective players when it is this very corrosiveness that makes them more effective players? Then how do I explain that winning this particular game is by losing it?

Fear is the main dynamic of the Game, fear of there being too much or not enough, fear of life and fear of death. It is a very confusing game. The meaning of things shifts continually. Sometimes up is up but it can also be down. In is in until you get in and it turns out you’re out.