Helping the World

Posted by on Apr 16, 2019 in Blog | 3 comments

When we get old we begin to look for ways to give back to the world some of what it has given to us, to humanity.

Recently I was wondering how I could do this. A few years ago I was part of a volunteer Habitats For Humanity crew redeeming a house in The Twin Cities, and it felt good. But I rediscovered that I’m not a crew kind of guy, just a short-coming I guess. So I’ve been wondering what I could do solo that fit in with my abilities, and this morning found a way. I’d vacuum the floors in all the world, one by one, personally. By the time I got back to my starting point they’d be needing another vac and I’d start over, probably a lot better at it than when I’d begun.

After thinking it through better I decided that repairing public drinking fountains in town parks might be better in that it’d keep me out in the sun and fresh air, and I’d see children playing and dogs romping and meet other old-timers to chat with while I made with the wrenches and pipe fittings. This thrilled me, it was something I could do very well because at heart I’m a plumber, and I enjoy fixing things so they work again.

I’m starting tomorrow. I am so happy!!


  1. don’t wait till tomorrow… Be Happy Here NOW

  2. If its happiness your feeling, You’ve got it made, I find that’s the indicator. Out of the mind and into the Open Heart. It’s an authentic risk,

    • Thank you Barb.

      Will see you and Breta at your birthday celebration.

      Open Heart