Marilyn and The Kids

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Marilyn & the kids—Heart of the story

Heart of the Story 

The decisions Marilyn and I made in our new life together were based on what was best for the children. Before I really got it I carried around a few Excepts and Buts but in time forgot them. I’d lived by Buts and Excepts and that was okay when I was alone but once we had kids they got tossed out the back door with the dishwater. The Buts and Excepts.

She made sure I kept this credo as my guiding light. I’d run out on my first born son Ben and his mother years before, when he was still a toddler, and Cristina and Zack from their mother 20 years after, so it was clear to Marilyn that this thing called fatherhood and sacrifice were not more than learned lines for me. When I needed reminding she’d say something that made me feel fatherhood, at least as a responsibility if not a heart centered feeling. She could have gotten my attention by raising hell but that’s not her way, she gently maneuvered my infant sense about what is right, to educate me. She is a teacher, in the spirit of Jesus. It was a long haul and so painful for us both that there were times we both would have gladly died instead of going through what we had to in order to make a mom and dad home for the little kids.

It wasn’t that they didn’t have a home with their mother, they did, but she didn’t want to share them much. When I met Marilyn I’d already adjusted to that. Marilyn un-adjusted me to that. She felt kids needed fathers as well as mothers. You’d think I would’ve figured this out with the three of us boys raised by the angeldust of our mother in Santa Fe. But here I was perpetuating an identical drama reenacting the same things as my father. Kids are chameleons, everything goes into them and serves as blueprints for when they can finally think for themselves, and it may be that even their thoughts were downloaded into them. We are tattooed and pierced in utero.

So this is what I was choosing when I hitchhiked into San Diego from the Pacific Crest Trail. I was going to find The Connector who had come to me in a vision as I slept and accepted my prayer for help. That was what we were talking about in that dream meeting, although I didn’t know it till just now. I didn’t know I’d asked for any help. The vision had stayed in my memory as a mystical thing. I totally missed the part about my asking her to come be the straw boss in my life to work on an impossible project—being a full-on father.

The decisions we made, especially in those first seven years in the furnace of family law, were directed by the intent, mainly on her part, of saving Zack and Cristina from a catastrophic dominoing that my choice to walk away from them had set in motion. I couldn’t undo that but together Marilyn and I could redirect some of the lines of dominoes so they all wouldn’t be tipped over. That meant getting shared custody, something I’d signed away in Santa Barbara when their mother came with them from Fiji where they were living. She wanted two thirds of my income and full custody. She needed it to establish residency. I signed the papers. I’d hit bottom, or thought I had. If the legal papers demanded my soul I’d’ve turned over all fragments gladly.


  1. Such a ” Give Thanks ” admission for the wisdom Marilyn supplied .God sometimes gives us a bit more earthly time to clean up what we have tackled when we are lucky to have discovered our souls true inner nature and pledged the intense devotion it takes to let it be revealed dear friend..Beautifully described and courageously admitted. There is such a thing as evolution as we look into the face of Jesus.

    • Interestedly, this morning 3 books were returned to me from a lend I made, one was Garcia, the first one of yours that you gave me.
      I remember how it affected me with its “off the wall ” comments and how I thirsted for what you so adroitly had translated and it became so treasured. Later Breta was also truly moved by its content. Later today I started to read it again and was amazed how it fascinated me…. again. It was as if I had never read It before in its context. Thank you for sharing your words they are so full of one persons intimate and honest search.

      • barb- i love your comments here. jack’s perspectives are intimate and honest shots from the camera lens of memory… while your perspectives are from the source of light. they work so well together. a friend of mine shot this photo of her daughter outside her school – it explains multiple perspectives in one picture worth a thousand words: (enjoy)

  2. Aye, Lass!

  3. …and then what happened?