Building You, Inc.

Posted by on Sep 6, 2018 in Blog | 2 comments

There’s chapter one, you get born into life, you suckle up fitting in, after-all you are pure spirit in a human body, i.e. you are everything with your tab on it. You drag in everything that interests you to be the building blocks of you.

Then when that’s done and you’ve taken on everything that catches your interest this time around, you amalgamate, you arrange stuff into the charisma that is to become the mature you; and you turn on the key to the ignition of life, or to you in this life, or of life with you rearranging it to your determination as you grow, as you mature, as you become the idea you had before in/flesh, in time, in life and death-dom.

Now chapter two, you bear yourself into life, you integrate or refuse to at some level, still feeling out who you are and what life wants from you, and what you hope to get back in return.

You have everything God offers, and you arrange this into your personal drama, including refusing to believe there is anything more than yourself. This is your life, a precious gift given you by the Creator…but you are at the controls.


  1. Hmmm

    • Good start. Can you give us a sneak peak at the final chapter? Or, am I pushing the self-addressed envelope?