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When I met Marilyn in 1991 she was working three jobs, among them teaching pediatric nursing at Nazarene College in San Diego. To make ends meet she took in borders at her house on Hill Street by the cliffs—-that’s how I met her. I sat in on some classes and’d watch a roomful of students turn rapt by the warm authority of her lecture. She was spell-binding.
Today, 3O years later, I asked her what capital letters of professional ascent followed her name back then, and it came out to be RN, PNP, RSN, PHN and whatever a double Masters Degree caps into…MA x 2?

Only months before I met her, she withdrew from work on her doctorate in Nursing Science at USD. She was recently divorced after 2O years of marriage, her son Jonnie was living with her during his junior year in high school, she had a house full of boarders, and three nursing jobs. Me? I hadn’t finished college, was out of work, and my only credentials were MR.
When we were at a gathering of faculty at the college, and someone’d ask about my specialty, I usually talked about Marilyn, of how she’d been a Benedictine nun for 15 years in elementary school education, then pediatric nursing.

If they insisted on nailing me down to some professional status, I’d speak of recently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and having a powerful vision of an angel telling me she would be in my life very soon, and that my life was about to start over again. By this time I had usually lost my audience, so I’d go join Marilyn and watch her natural gaity soften up the terrible seriousness of the other professors…

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