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Gifts On The Half Shell

We’re born, we live, we die.
We all bring endowments to life, to humanity, to the whether and the weather.
But we don’t know what they are. Great men and women may know some of what they’ve endowed life with but even they and their greatness might miss their real endowments—-a touch to someone whose life balances on that contact, some laughter where there was none, maybe the awe of their beauty as they get drawn out into a story they are telling.
The ripple of a touch or a look or some kind words becomes a wave and sweeps around the world, and they are unaware of the gift that flowed from them to the rest of us.
We’re born, we live, we die and in this are treasures unfathomable forever.


  1. Great poetry Jack! …a forever unfathomable treasure.
    Alternate Titles:
    the ripple of a touch…
    the butterfly effect…

  2. I will hold close & rest with this one . . maybe forever. Thank you, Teacher.